Tuesday 29 July 2014
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Funny cigarette Tricks

Funny cigarette tricks. Or was he smoking an ecigarette Pretty good idea when you have to do this show over and over.


Men love the GAP!

Facebook is great for social pages. Some guys created THE GAP. These are the pictures they are posting. Half a million likes! Apparently...

Highest freefall everrrr

How high can you go? Well redbull again proved that there are no limits. They decided to launch a balloon with a capsule attached to it, of...

Gangnam style over 700M views

Unbelievable! Gangnam style, a song by a Japanese artist hit more than 700 Million views on youtube! Something youveseen HAS to post! Crazy...

Some lose everything, some die, some surf

Hurricane Sandy was a nightmare for some. While others got waves they could only dream about. Check out how South Florida surfers had the...

Funny Comedian about Jamaicans and Trinis

Watch this short clip on how Russel Peters experienced Jamaicans and Trinidadians! He’s really good at it! Must see

Ken Block & Gymkhana rock San Fransisco

Another great drifting video by Ken Block! Don’t try this at home!


Dirty bed sheets


Youve got mail

Talking dog

Talking dog so disappointed

How to get a tight body

lessons to work out (do not try this at home)

Don´t judge too quick

Funny commercials and a lot of misunderstandings


Do they have one for women

Nice towel

Never call back again

Funny video if you’re a show off

White Marlin Chasing Bait

How fast can you swim. Pay attention to the speed of the boat. At first it looks filmed… after a while it’s like watching the...

Grinding the Crack Base Jumping

Basejumping with a wing suit! Check out how low this guy passes over.

Female driving skills?

Why is it that woman have a hard time driving and parking? They do get a lot of attention –> 18,6M views

Almost a hit

Two very lucky heli-deck workers that almost lost their heads

Rough waters

A ship usually has underwater wings to stabilize the ride. These rough waters are no match for this ship

Ken Block still cool

Still the best drifter in the world. Still wondering how many times this guy crashes.

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