Top 5 most extraordinary world records

The world is full of adventurous people looking to test their limits every day. They are all risking their lives and pushing the limits of our bodies for a place in the Guinness book. We are going to explore the top 5 most extraordinary records from across the world and let you decide the winner.


Longest period of time living among scorpions


Now this is clearly something that didn’t cross your mind until now, but Kanchana Ketkaew is famous across the globe for her extraordinary performance. Often referred to as Thailand’s Scorpion Queen, the 45 year old Samui native, is a stunt artist with a great passion for the poisonous arachnids. Back in 2008, when she was only 39, she decided to keep her title won in 2002, and decided to spend 33 days inside a 130 square feet room filled with 5,320 live scorpions. Even though she was bitten 13 times by her poisonous “friends” she managed to leave the room unharmed. She was only allowed a small quarter of an hour break each eight hours to use the toilet.


Woman with the longest fingernails

Lee Redmond Longest Fingernails Guinness World Records 2005 Credit: Drew Gardner/GWR

Born on February 2, 1941, Lee Redmond was the Guinness World Records’ star under the ‘female with longest fingernails’ category until 2009. She begun growing her nails at the age of 38 and planned to have them clipped in 2006 as states in a couple of TV shows she attended. In 2008 her nails measured a whopping length of 28 ft 4.5 in (or about 8.65m). While she had some problems putting on a heavy coat, Lee often said she could do regular day-to-day chores without any difficulties. She was filmed driving the car, doing the dishes and even giving haircuts. She lost her nails in a car accident in 2009, without suffering any life threatening injuries.


Most needles inserted into the head

World Record Head Needles

Mohanathas Sivanayagam came from Sri Lanka to Canada at the age of 23. He is the proud father of three sons and currently working as a truck driver. He always dreamed about entering the Guinness book of records, and in 2012 he decided to do something special during a fund raising event for cancer. The previous record for most needles inserted into the head belongs to China’s Wei Shengchu, who managed to put 2,009 into his scalp in 2009. At Pleasant Banquet Hall in Markham, on the course of a couple of hours and after drinking 10 coffees, he managed to insert 2100 needles into his head and sides of his face. The needles were inserted at a depth of 1.5cm so they would remain fixed.


Longest basketball shot


We bet you’ve never wondered what was the longest basketball shot in documented history, but we are going to tell you anyway. It measured 104 feet 7 inches and was set back in 2011 by Elan Buller, a player for Pepperdine University. However, in 2013, Thunder Law a rookie for the Harlem Globetrotters decided to have a shot at the Guinness World record and managed a performance of 109 feet 9 inches. Two of Law’s teammates also decided to make the shot but he was the only once successful. According to the judge, after carefully measuring the total distance, it seemed that any of them came even near the basket, let alone succeed.


Farthest eye milk squirting distance


Breaking probably one of the most bizarre records ever, Ilker Yilmaz has managed to squirt milk at a distance of 9 ft 2 in (279.5 cm) back in September 2001, in the city of Istanbul at the Armada Hotel. The Turkish constructions worker who at the time was 28 years old, poured some milk into his hand, inhaled it through his nose and squirted it out of his left eye. He managed to beat the previous 8.745 record set by Canadian Mike Moraal in France 2001. The man is happy that he can put his country in the Guinness book, despite the fact it’s only for milk squirting.

Top 5 most extraordinary world records

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